An autonomous 300 KG carry-on robot assistant created by Nuwatt Technovation, a Saudi company specializing in robotics and artificial intelligence. Hello, I am UGO.My mobility system is the Nubot, which allows me to maneuver using computer vision. My intelligence is based on a supercomputer inside my black metal structure, powered by natural language processing abilities, predictive analytics, and machine learning algorithms. My main purpose is to help Nuwatt achieve the best level of efficiency, support humanity to reach a sustainable future, and connect with multiple IoT devices to ensure seamless autonomy.


NuBot is a multi purpose & supermarket light (15kg) robot designed to assist people in finding their desired items easily. It utilizes advanced technology to identify brands, SKUs, and conduct retail audits autonomously. And that will shift retail audit into a next level where brands will have the ability to audit any store in real-time anywhere and anytime.


Introducing NU-500, the groundbreaking warehousing robot engineered by Nuwatt. NU-500 represents a significant leap forward in warehouse automation, designed to revolutionize the way goods are stored, retrieved, and transported within industrial settings. With a remarkable capacity to carry loads of up to 400 kilograms, NU-500 tackles heavy-duty tasks effortlessly, enhancing operational efficiency.
What sets NU-500 apart is its advanced autonomy. Employing cutting-edge mobility algorithms, this robot moves autonomously, navigating its environment with precision and adaptability. It efficiently maneuvers through dynamic warehouse layouts, optimizing workflows and reducing reliance on manual labor. NU-500 not only streamlines logistics but also enhances safety by minimizing the risk of accidents associated with heavy lifting.



“Unlock the potential of your supply chain through blockchain’s immutable transparency. Seamlessly trace products, enhance trust, and optimize operations. Experience unprecedented efficiency and secure transactions, ensuring a future-ready, resilient supply chain.”

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